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Seán MacDiarmada (1883-1916)
Born January, 1883 in Kiltyclogher, Leitrim. A member of the Gaelic League, he was very active in the Dungannon Clubs with Bulmer Hobson and Dennis McCullough. He joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1906 while still in Belfast. As the Dungannon Clubs formed into Sinn Féin he became a tireless organizer for the party in it’s early years, later transferring to Dublin where he developed a close personal and political friendship with Thomas Clarke. He gave lectures in Glasgow and Edinburgh and often suffered physical abuse especially in parts of Ireland where the Hibernians and Irish Parliamentary Party were strong. He was unrelenting in his re-organisation of the IRB and through his travels across Ireland became the movement’s best-known and most popular personality He ran the IRB newspaper Irish Freedom in 1910.

Although MacDiarmada was afflicted with polio in 1911 by 1912 he was sent to the USA as an IRB delegate at the Clan na Gael Convention. He was appointed as a member of the provisional committee of Irish Volunteers from 1913, and was Secretary of the Supreme Council of the IRB, member of the Military Council and member of the Provisional Government. He was stationed in the GPO during the Rising. He was executed on 12 May 1916.

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