Sengoidelc Old Irish for beginners


David Stifter

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An tSeanGhaeilge do thosaitheoirí. Tá an téacs sa leabhar seo i mBéarla.

David Stifter’s Sengoidelc (Shan-goy-delth) provides a comprehensive introduction to Old Irish grammar and metrics.

Ideally suited for use as a course text and as a guide for the independent learner, this exhaustive handbook is also an invaluable reference work for students of Indo-European philology and historical linguistics. The author’s step-by-step presentation in an engaging styles lead the novice through the idiosyncracies of the language, such as initial mutations and the double inflection of verbs.

Filled with translation exercises based on selections from Old Irish texts, the book provides a practical introduction to the language and its rich history. Sengoidelc opens the door to the fascinating world of Old Irish literature, famous not only for such gems as the Táin Bó Cuailgne (“The Cattle Raid of Cuailgne”) or the lyrical nature poetry but also as a major source for the political and legal history of Ireland.

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