An Crith Beo: Sríbhneoireach Seosamh Mhic Grianna


Oilibhéar Ó Croilligh

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Bhí spéis riamh ag Oilibhéar Ó Croiligh i scríbhinní Sheosaimh Mhic Grianna.  Sa leabhar seo pléann sé scéal a bheatha, a smaointe ar thír, ar theanga agus ar litríocht na Gaeilge, a shaothar cruthaitheach, an Rómánsachas ina scríbhinní, agus stíl Mhic Grianna (íomhára, friotal agus téamaí).


From a young age Oilibhéar Ó Croiligh was interested in the writings of Seosamh Mac Grianna.  In this book he discusses his life, his thoughts on his country and on Irish language and literature, as well as Mac Grianna’s creative work, Romanticism and his writing style.

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