An Cúigear Cróga : Tá Gruaig George Rófhada


Enid Blyton

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Bearradh Gruaige — sin a bhfuil ó George, ach ní fada go dtéann sí féin agus robálaithe cliste i mullach a chéile. Ach tá Julian, Dick agus Anne gnóthach ag ithe a gcuid uachtair reoite. Cé ag a bheas an lá?

Aoisghrúpa: 8-10

Borrowing some scissors is the beginning of an adventure for the Famous Five, as George manages to get mixed up with some burglars. Julian, Dick and Anne are too busy eating ice cream to realise that George is in trouble!

Will the Famous Five manage to catch up with the burglars and save the day?

Agegroup: 8-10

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