Asterix ag na Cluichí Oilimpeacha


René Goscinny

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Tugann Asterix agus a chairde aghaidh ar an nGréig agus iad ag súil le cáil is glóir ag na Cluichí Oilimpeacha, le cabhair ón éilicsir, an deoch a thugann neart capaill do na Gallaigh. Ach nuair a chloiseann na feidhmeannaigh Oilimpeacha faoin éilicsir – tá cosc ar dhrugaí de gach saghas – fágtar na Gallaigh ina staic. Ní mór don draoi Ogamaix smaoineamh ar phlean eile nó beidh thiar ar na Gallaigh.

Asterix and his friends head for Greece in search of Olympic glory, with their magic potion at hand to help them win a few gold palms. But once the Olympic officials hear of the magic potion, they soon put a stop to the Gauls’ ambitions – performance-enhancing substances are banned at the Olympics. However, some nations don’t stick to the rules, and the Roman team might get an unfair advantage unless druid Ogamaix makes sure they don’t get away with cheating.

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