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Fágtar leanbh mic os comhair dhoras tosaigh Asterix… ach cad as ar tháinig sé agus cé a d’fhág ann é? Níl tuairim ag Asterix agus Obelix conas aire a thabhairt do leanbán agus tá géarghá acu le cúnamh. Ach ná cuir an sionnach i bhfeighil na ngéanna, a deirtear!

A baby has appeared on Asterix’s doorstep… where did he come from, and who left him there? Asterix and Obelix have absolutely no clue how to look after a child, and are happy for any nursery assistance they can get. But they soon realise that choosing the right childcare is such an important job — especially as no one has vetted the Romans!

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