Asterix agus Troid na dTreabh


R.Goscinny & A. Uderzo

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Mar is léir óna ainm, is ceannaire é Tadhgus Dháthaobhix atá sásta comhoibriú le lucht an choncais, na Rómhánaigh. Téann sé i ngleic le Taoisix i dTroid na dTreabh — an té a bhuafaidh an troid sin beidh sé i gceannas ar threibh an cheannaire chloíte. Ar an drochuair, tá drochthinneas cinn ar an seandraoi Ogamaix agus níl sé in ann an íocshláinte a réiteach. Ní cuimhin leis an t-oideas! Ábhar buartha é sin d’Asterix agus a chairde.

Tadhgus Dháthaobhix is an unscrupulous chieftain who’s more than prepared to collaborate with the Roman invaders. He challenges Taoisix to face him in the Troid na dTreabh — a contest in which the winner gets to rule over the loser’s tribe. Unfortunately, the druid Ogamaix has had an accident with a menhir and in unable to brew more of the magic potion. With Troid na dTreabh fast approaching, the crisis is quickly becoming a bit of a headache for Asterix and his friends!

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