Sos 13 An Buachaill Bó


Gillian Perdue

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Is breá le Conor a chulaith Buachalla Bó.
‘Yee Haw!’ a deir sé.
Láha in airde!’ Is í culaith Conor an rud is fearr ar domhan.
Ach an mbeidh sé ábalta í a chaitheamh ar scoil?

When Conor’s parents give him a present of a cowboy suit he wants to wear it all the time.
At school Conor is teased for his cowboy outfit, but he doesn’t care.
Then the other children in his class think it’s great fun and they want to dress up too.
So their teacher decides that all the class may dress up on Fridays.
Even Teacher dresses up – as the sheriff!

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