Bímis ag caint faoi! : Céard a Tharla idir Mamaí agus Daidí?


Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

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Uaireanta maireann Mamaí agus Daidí agus a gcuid páistí le chéile go sona sásta. Ach ní i gcónaí. Uaireanta bíonn Mamaí agus Daidí brónach. Agus uaireanta, scarann siad. Go minic, ceapann páistí gur orthu féin an locht. Cabhraíonn an leabhar seo le páistí tuiscint a fháil ar an mbrón agus ar an uaigneas a bhaineann leis.

Mammy and Daddy can live happily with their children. But not always. Sometimes Mammy and Daddy are sad. Sometimes they separate. Children often think that this is their fault. This book helps children cope with the sadness and loneliness associated with this situation.

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