Cosc ar Chrogaill!


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Thug an Séabra cuireadh do na hainmhithe go léir teacht chuig a chóisir, ach amháin na crogaill. Tá na crogaill chun sleamhnú isteach agus na hainmhithe ar fad ag an gcóisir a alpadh. Ach conas a éireoidh leis na crogaill?

Zebra invited everyone to her party except of course the crocs. Cruncher, Chomper and Snapper are annoyed that they have been excluded until Snapper comes up with a plan to disguise themselves, go to the party and eat everyone up! With their costumes on, the crocs are welcomed to the party and make quick work of blending in, but they soon forget their plan as the party proves to be too much fun!

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