Daily Wisdom Léann an Lae -Irish Proverbs and Sayings for Each Day of the Year


John Quinn

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Proverbs from the Irish language – seanfhocail – hark back to a time when Ireland and its people were predominantly agricultural, poor and Catholic; though centuries old, they are integral to a sense of culture and are rich in wisdom that remains relevant to this day.
The book, which includes a seanfhocal for each day of the year alongside commentary and practical exercises for improving vocabulary, covers such wide-ranging topics as: the farming life, nature and weather, food and drink, wealth and poverty, health and happiness, the power of God and the Church, and pastimes and pleasures. An ideal gift for seasoned Irish speakers, as well as those coming to the language for the first time, Daily Wisdom is a perfect introduction to the untold riches of the Irish proverb tradition.
Ní féidir an seanfhocal a shárú!

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