Dublin/Monaghan Bombings 1974 (The)


John Morgan

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“To assist the Barron Tribunal, Colonel Morgan made a military analysis of the four bombing incidents, which occurred on 17th May 1974, the third day of the Ulster Workers’ Council Constitutional Stoppage. He concluded that, so sophisticated was the planning and execution of this operation, that it was impossible for Loyalists to have acted on their own. Amongst the features which pointed to professional direction was the nature of the explosives used, the siting and strength of each bomb, and the timing devices which ensured that three car-bombs went off simultaneously at 5.30 pm on 17th May. He also concluded that the fourth bomb, in Monaghan town centre, was a diversionary tactic which enabled the Dublin perpetrators to cross back to the North. His enquiries led him to conclude that elements of British Military Intelligence, acting on the authority of their superiors, conceived and played a crucial part in the operation. The object was to discourage Southern involvement in Northern affairs, destroy the Sunningdale Agreement, and discredit Harold Wilson’s Labour Government. Unfortunately, Justice Henry Barron was ultra-cautious in evaluating the evidence put before him. Like Irish Governments down the years, he felt it was unthinkable that Britain would act in such a manner. He dismissed Colonel Morgan’s Submissions

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