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Dominic Adams

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Dominic Adams was six years old in 197I when he first experienced life in Long Kesh. He was brought there on a visit to his oldest brother Gerry who was interned at the time. Long Kesh has played a huge part in his and his family’s life over the last forty years – four of his brothers were imprisoned there and three of his brothers-in-law also spent time in Long Kesh. In the introduction to his book Faoi Ghlas, Dominic Adams describes being motivated to write this jail memoir by ‘the many questions asked of me by my two children’ and by a belief that ‘every ex-prisoner should record their memoirs, either written or orally.’ In this light hearted and easily read account of seven years in prison in both the Crum and the H-Blocks of Long Kesh between 1984 and 199I. Writer, Danny Morrison said, “With its grim humour and light banter, Faoi Ghlas is an important account of comradeship in jail and joins the established canon of republican prison literature.”

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