Fuascailt an Iriseora


Michelle Nic Pháidín

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Tá an t-iriseoir, Bríd, ar ais san ardchathair agus í ag treabhadh léi ina gairm dhúshlánach – ach tá coimhlint sa seomra nuachta. Nuair a thagann sí ar scéal mór na bliana, measctar dualgais an iriseora le tromluí scanrúil an tsaoil. Téann Bríd ar thóir na fírinne ar fud na hardcathrach…  Coinnigh ort ag léamh agus neosfaidh an aimsir!

Bríd (‘An tIriseoir’, 2016) returns to the capital and to the daily grind of scoop and scandal – but there’s trouble brewing in the newsroom. When she stumbles upon a new story, Bríd has no choice but to dive straight in. Her journey takes her on a winding path, and her duty as a journalist is thrown into question. She must rely on her quick wit and cunning to uncover the truth, despite constant pressure from all sides.

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