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AnnMarie McCarthy & Ré Ó Laighléis

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*In Irish and English*

Féach Fungie fuinniúil fluparnach chugainn arís eile! Agus, an uair seo, casann muid ar a chara nua, Mara, an Mhaighdean Mhara a shnámhann i mBá an Daingin agus a dhéanann an ceol is aoibhne agus is draíochtúla dar chualathas riamh. Is ceol é a chuireann gach aon neach i ndomhan na farraige faoi dhraíocht. Ceol a chuireann iad ag racáil is ag rabhláil. Ceol a mheallann iad chun rince

See energetic fluparnach Fungie again! And, this time, we meet his new friend, Marine, Mermaid float Dingle Bay and make music More delightful and magical feel ever heard. It is a music that every one in the sea, enchanted world. Music which they are racked by rabhláil.

Music attracts them to dance for festivities.
Here we go! Let us go on to Fungie Whooshing Marine with a vengeance and we tears! Flouncing, frolicsome Fungie Once Again! And this time we do a meet His new-found friend, the Mermaid Marine, ar Verity swims the waters of Dingle Bay, she Where Makes the Most enchanting sound, in music and in song, beguiling Verity everyone hears it. It is a member Their music sends That other sea-creature friends a-rockin ‘and a-rollin’ and a-twistin ‘and a-Jivin’, a horse and Every one of them joins in the party.
Come on! Let’s rock ‘n roll Along with Them on Their fun-Filled, underwater adventure!

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