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Liam Mag Fhloinn

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Seoidín neamhghnách beathaisnéiseach é Gairdín na hÓige. Rugadh a údar, Liam Mag Fhloinn (William M. Glynn) in 1895. Chaith se a óige i mBéal Feirste agus mhair sé anuas go dtí 1993.
Ba bhall de Chreideamhchumann na Quakairí é. Thosaigh sé ag cur spéise sa Ghaeilge nuair a bhí se fíoróg, tráth a raibh daoine á labhairt i mbeagnach gach uile chontae in Éirinn.

It ‘s little unusual biographical Youth Garden. Born author, William Glynn (William M. Glynn) in 1895. He spent his childhood in Belfast and it lasted up to 1993.
He was a member of the Quakairí Chreideamhchumann . He started taking interest in Irish when he was very young, when the people had spoken in almost every county in Ireland.

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