Gaiscí Snámha agus Tumadóireachta (Laochra Lúfara)


Isabel Thomas

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Sa tsraith seo gheobhaimid amach cé na hainmhithe is Lúfara, is láidre agus is tapúla ar fad. Níos tábhachtaí fós, gheobhaimid amach cé na hainmhithe a bheadh in ann an lámh in uachtar a fhail ar na Lúthchleasaithe daonna is fearr sna Cluichí Oilimpeacha.

In this series we find out how the animals lúfara, strongest and fastest of all. More importantly, find out how the animals would be able to overcome to get the best human athletes in the Olympics. There are four books in the series.

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