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An raibh tú riamh ag iarraidh an focal ceart a aimsiú agus tú ag labhairt Gaeilge le do pháiste? Tá réiteach ann ar an bhfadhb. Leabhar frásaí móide CD dóibh siúd atá ag iarraidh Gaeilge a thabhairt dá gclann. Breis is 2000 leagan ann ó na 3 mhórchanúint faoi ghnáthimeachtaí an lae. Caint bheo na Gaeltachta atá ar an CD.
Have you ever racked your brain as you searched for the right word or phrase as you attempt to speak Irish to your child?
Here is the perfect solution…
A handbook of 2000 phrases, together with a complete CD recording, for parents who wish their children to grow up able to speak Irish.
The three main Irish dialects are represented in the book, which is colour-coded for ease of use, and on the CDs.
All recordings are by native Irish speakers.
Several different ways of saying the same thing.

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