The Hard Road to Klondike As Cló/Out of Print


Aistrithe ag Valentin Iremonger.

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First published in Irish as Rotha Mór an tSaol, this is his account of the fate dealt to him by the Wheel of life from the age of nine he was hired out for six consecutive summers at a hiring fee of 30 shillings. After emigration to Scotland and the drudgery of farmwork, he left for America and worked his way across the USA in steelmills and mines to Montana. He then took part in the Klondike gold-rush and vividly recounts his adventures and hardships in the primitive icy wastes of the Yukon. Home on holiday in 1901,he fell in love and stayed, using his money to buy land and a house.
Told with the certainty and authority of someone who has lived what he describes, this book reflects the authors indomitable spirit and loyalty to his native place and culture. He died in 1948.

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