Hidden Ulster (L) (Protestants and the Irish Language)


Pádraig Ó Snodaigh

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Challenging the myths
Like many aspects of life in the Six Counties, the Irish language has been made an area of dissent and division—by those who reject it. For many in the Protestant/unionist community, the Irish language is synonymous with Catholicism and nationalism/republicanism.

Beyond the efforts of Glor na nGael, who have brought Irish classes into the heart of loyalist areas, little has been done to break down the barriers by confronting the stereotypes. It is precisely this which Padraig O Snodaigh sets out to do in his book.

He argues from the premise that Catholics and Protestants in Ulster have a common Gaelic heritage with shared linguistic and cultural origins. The author points out that this argument is ignored by ‘two nations’ theorists who minimise or even dismiss the shared ancestry of the two communities….

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