Irish Folk and Fairy Tales


Eagarthóir/Editor: Gordon Jarvie

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In this wonderful collection of stories by some of Ireland’s finest writers, including Carleton, Yeats and Lady Wilde, a legion of fairy folk – leprechauns, giants, witches and mermaids – help, hinder, charm and terrify their mortal neighbours.

The fairy tales of Ireland are part of one of the richest folklore traditions in the world. These much-loved tales include the story of the farmer who offends the fairies by building on their dancing ground; the king who loses his wife in a chess game and the smith who learns his skill at working brass and iron during his seven-year apprenticeship to the giant Mahon MacMahon. The heroes and saints of the Celtic sagas are here as well, in beautifully written versions of the old bardic stories of Finn, Deirdre, Cuchulain and Brigid. Wielding the power to enthral and enchant, these ancient tales open the door to a strangely familiar world of mystery and magic.

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