Is Mise Manchán Maximus


Tim Collins

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Andrew Pinder a mhaisigh

Manchán Maximus m’ainmse agus lá éigin,
beidh mé i mo mhórlaoch. Ta an dialann seo
á breacadh agam mar go bhfuil a fhios agam
go gcuirfidh gach éinne suim inti amach
anseo. ldir an dá linn … Ní stopann mo chuid
cairde ach ag spochadh asam agus tugann Daid an chluas bhodhar
dom i gcónaí. Níl an cath caillte, ina dhiaidh sin is uile! Sea, maidir
liomsa … Déanfaidh mé gaisce ar son na Róimhe fós!

Dorkius Maximus is a young boy growing up in ancient Rome.
Longing to become a Roman hero, he enlists the help of a family
friend, Stoutus, to teach him the art of fighting. But heroism doesn’t
come naturally to Dorkius. He knows there’s a mighty warrior inside
him, just waiting to get out … isn’t there?

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