Lasair na Gréine


Claire Lyons

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Tá cos ag Katie Ni Chorráin in dhá chultúr. As Éirinn a tháinig a sin-sin-seanathair, ach ghlac muintir bhundúchasach na hAstráile leis ina measc féin. Ach ní thugann Katie aon aird ar an seanscéalta bundúchasacha a insíonn a hathair dí. Dar léi, níl aon bhaint ag na piseoga seo lean saol nua-aosach féin. Nuair a thógann sí didgeridoo ar iasacht, áfach, baineann spioraid na treibhe díoltas aisti faoi na geasa a bhriseadh.
An mbeidh sí féin agus a cara in ann teacht slán as an gcontúirt?
An mbeidh uirthi breathnú arís ar shean-nósanna bundúchasacha a muintire?

Katie is not Crescent foot in two cultures. From Ireland came so-great grandfather, but indigenous people of Australia took with among themselves. But Katie does not pay any attention to the old stories to tell her father aboriginal drink. According to her, and not to follow the superstitions this new adult life itself. When she takes a loan didgeridoo, however, female spirits of tribal extracting revenge by breaking the spells.
Will she and her friend be able to overcome the danger?
Will she look again to old habits that aboriginal family?
The best story for teenagers here.

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