Sos 12 Mo Mhadra Beoga


Patrick Deeley

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Ba bhreá le Jenny madra dá cuid féin.
Ach is trioblóid an madra seo!
Bíonn sé ag tochailt sa ghairdín i gcónaí!
Bíonn sé i dtrioblóid i Scoil na Madraí’!
Cad a dhéanfaidh Jenny?
Is é seo an 12ú leabhar sa tsraith Sos; leabhair bheaga i nGaeilge shimplí do pháistí óga.
Tá an ceann seo maisithe ag Martin Fagan.

Jenny longed for a dog of her own. But this dog is trouble.
It is for ever digging in the garden!
It even gets into trouble in the Dog School. What will Jenny do?
This is the 12th book in the Sos series; easy reading in Irish for young children.

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