Na Daoine Dalla (cl. crua / hardback)


Gabriel Rosenstock

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Bhí bean feasa ina cónaí i gCo. Mhaigh Eo agus nuair a thosaigh scata buachaillí ag magadh fúithi, bheartaigh sí ar cheacht maith a mhúineadh dóibh, na bligeaird! Saorchóiriú ar sheanscéal béaloidis atá anseo againn – ach ná ceap nach bhféadfadh a leithéid titim amach inniu!

There once lived a wise old woman in Co. Mayo who had a temperament to be reckoned with. Whena group of young blackguards took to mocking her she decided to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t forget.
A gripping folktale.

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