Ná Dúisigh an Páiste! (Crua/hardback)


Patricia Forde/Steve Simpson

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Tá Orcó tinn tuirseach de gach duine sa teach a rá ‘Ná Dúisigh an Páiste!’

Níl sé ach ag iarraidh súgradh lena bhosca nua draíochta – déanfaidh sé go deas ciúin é!

Ach nuair a oibríonn an draíocht agus nuair a eitlíonn an páiste amach an fhuinneog,

tá lá mór fada roimh Orcó bocht!

Orco, the little monster child, is tired of tiptoeing around the new baby.

When he gets a magic kit for his birthday, he promises to

do some very quiet magic. However, the spell he weaves sends Baby and its cradle flying out the window!

Jumping on board in the nick of time,

Glugar embarks on a  trip around the world, bravely warning every weird and wonderful creature he meets:

‘Don’t Wake the Baby!’

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