Never Give Up (Selected Writings)


Gerry Adams

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Gerry Adams is known as a man of strong opinions and a quirky sense of humour. ‘Never Give Up’ is a varied compilation of selected, reworked pieces that Gerry has written since 2009. They cover many issues. Some are fairly serious, others are very serious indeed. A few are whimsical. All will be enjoyed. The book gives an insight into the manoeuvring behind the scenes of political events, and how he became wrapped up in moments of history, both in Ireland and abroad, such as the funerals of Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro. The book provides an insight into the private life of Ireland’s best-known politician, including some very turbulent times in Gerry’s life, such as his move from West Belfast to Co. Louth, and his passions, like hiking and the Antrim GAA teams. The book opens with a heartfelt tribute to his close friend and political ally, the late Martin McGuinness.

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