No Greater Love: The Memoirs of Séamus Kearney

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Séamus Kearney

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Having been born into a sectarian and brutally oppressive state, Seamus Kearney became a child soldier at the age of 15. Eventually, having worked his way through the ranks, he became a staff officer in the Irish Republican Army (Provisional IRA).

In 1977, he was captured on active service by British Crown Forces and was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. Refusing to wear the uniform of a criminal, he was sent to the notorious H-Blocks of Long Kesh, where he spent over four years on the blanket protest fighting against Britain’s criminalisation policy.

He was subjected to protracted periods of torture, total sensory deprivation and spent several spells in the punishment block, on a bread and water diet.

He befriended Bobby Sands and Brendan Hughes (The Dark), and was an eyewitness to the 1981 hunger strike, which saw ten of his comrades lose their lives.

He, along with over 300 comrades, was taken to the outer rim of humanity, a journey so cataclysmic that some would never recover from the ordeal.

This is a story of extreme violence, incredible courage, grit determination and an indomitable spirit which refused to be crushed in the face of a draconian penal regime.

It is a story of triumph over adversity, an intensely human story of comradeship, brotherhood, loyalty to a cause, and a victory achieved against all odds.

The reader needs to prepare for a unique journey into the abyss, a journey which contains two polar opposites – the stark inhumanity of man, compared to the humanity among comrades, who became brothers and laid down their lives for one another.

No Greater Love….

Séamus Kearney’s powerful and moving book charts the years of turbulence caused by Britain’s vain attempts at criminalising the Republican struggle in Ireland, which culminated in the deaths of ten republican prisoners.

This is a journey into the depths of oppression and the soaring heights of human resistance and resilience.

Anyone wishing to gain an insight into the epic struggle of the Blanket Protest and Hunger Strike of 1981 needs this book on their shelf.

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9 reviews for No Greater Love: The Memoirs of Séamus Kearney

  1. Francis mezza

    This book was written brilliantly and it takes you right to the very heart of the H blocks. Seamus Kearney describes in great detail the horrific treatment that the republican prisoners endured during the hunger strikes. The strong bond between these men was very clear after reading No Greater Love . I found it very difficult to put the book down.

  2. Bernadette Boyle

    I have just finished reading Seamus Kearney’s book, “No Greater Love”, and have every intention of reading it again. I was totally absorbed in it and became quite emotional in parts. It is an outstanding piece of work, providing the reader with an incredible insight into the sheer inhumanity which the Blanket Men endured in the H Blocks. Also the comradeship, determination, courage and resilience which were shown by them all, in the struggle to regain political status. Our Hunger Strikers paid the ultimate price. Total respect. I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious in wanting to know the true story about the protests, and the Hunger Strikers behind the walls of the H Blocks. An excellent book all round.

  3. Denis Grace (verified owner)

    I’ve read many books on the H Block prison struggle, and seen the films; but this book was so much more of an emotional experience for me. I had to brace myself before each chapter, as I was taken,with him, into such a dark and fearful place, that is hard to contemplate.

    Seamus Kearney writes beautifully, describing how he had to dig deeper than most humans could even imagine.
    He portrays vividly, the degradation and torture he and other non-conforming prisoners went through at the hands of the prison wardens, who were given carte blanche to do everything they could to get the 300 or so men (or “Spartans” as he refers to them) to come off their blanket and no wash protest, so they could be criminalised.

    They tortured the prisoners to what they thought was the limit of human endurance, but utimately failed. The prisoners endured it and , some, came through it, at a heavy price, for truth, and for their brotherly love towards each other.

  4. Tom Moran (verified owner)

    History from one who lived it. A very powerful look inside the H Blocks and Blanket Protest, Seamus Kearney’s “No Greater Love” is beautifully written account from someone who gave everything in love for Ireland. The strength and courage of the Blanket Men must be told and carried to the Irish everywhere. As an Irish-American with quest to better grasp Irish history, Seamus’s gut wrenching experiences come alive and connect with the reader thru his richly written, highly visual words. Highly recommended….

  5. Maria Cook (verified owner)

    Just finished your book Seamus. Brilliant read. I actually feel somewhat ‘shell shocked’ atm and sure I’d be a strange sort if I felt any differently. You brought all your comrades to life and I guess I’m going through a grieving process to put the book down. I don’t know how anyone of you got out alive. The sacrifice you all made is a debt that can never be repaid. I’ve got a queue of people wanting to read NO GREATER LOVE so take a bow, because I do live in the colonies where a quarter of the flag is a butchers apron. Look, gratitude that you had the determination and drive to put it down on paper…history needs to be recorded and you certainly did that. Anyway, I’m feeling a little melancholy having finished your work but the spirit of all the Blanket Men and Women live forever in our hearts 💚💚💚 xxx

  6. Maria Cook (verified owner)

    Just Finished NO GREATER LOVE by Seamus Kearney and what a BRILLIANT read it is. Seamus’s book, about his life ‘on the blanket in H Blocks’ has managed to tell his story with honesty and clarity. He takes you on a journey that is hard to read at times and IMPOSSIBLE to put down. Seamus brought all his comrades back to life, and I guess I’m going through a grieving process after turning the final page. I actually feel ‘shell shocked’ after finishing NO GREATER LOVE, and I’d be a strange sort if I felt any differently. I LOVE how each chapter is small enough to digest piece by piece…and you do need to digest this true story, of courage beyond compare, and the sheer, insurmountable love of the Brotherhood of Men. I don’t know how anyone of them got out alive. The sacrifice these men made is a debt that can never be repaid. Gratitude that Seamus Kearney had the determination and drive to put it down on paper….history needs to be recorded and he certainly did that. I’m feeling melancholy having finished this great book but the spirit of all the Blanket Men and Women live forever in our hearts. Getting the book sent to Australia was a simple process through CULTURLANN BOOK SHOP. I’d advise anyone with an interest / curiosity of modern Irish history to purchase this book….you will be so glad you did.

  7. Kevin Benson

    Seamus really opened my eyes to the torture inflicted upon the Republican prisoners in that hell hole. Those who perpetuated these crimes shoul be held accountable as war criminals.Spartans each and every one of the lads.

  8. gerry

    ive never read a book that drew me in so emotionally, seamus’s sacrifice & the rest of the vols will never be forgotten. i recommend this book highly

  9. Eona Graham (verified owner)

    This book is a must have! A phenominal read. I’ve read many books on that period of time and not one comes close to this. Once I started I struggled to put it down. Séamus takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey and emotions. I was with him through every word written, so much so I felt that I was there with him in his cell, experiencing the horrors that him and his Comrades had to endure. I laughed, I cried, felt anger, hatred, immense sadness and emotions I never thought I’d feel by simply reading a book. A brilliantly written book from an extraordinary man who was there through it all. A must have for your collection.

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