Pádraigín Phléascach Raic agus Ribíní


Emily Gale

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Joëlle Dreidemy a mhaisigh

Is ceapadóir cúnta í Pádraigín Phléascach
agus ábhar spiaire lena chois sin. Caithfidh
sí féin agus a madra, Einstein, breith ar
spiaire idirnáisiúnta agus bulaí na scoile a
chloí in éineacht. Cén dochar é má tharlaíonn PLÉASCADH anseo
is ansiúd feadh na slí agus an obair thábhachtach sin ar siúl aici!
Eliza Boom is having a blast. With her dog, Einstein, she’s on a
mission to catch a spy – and banish the class bully while she’s at
it. All in a day’s work for Eliza Boom, assistant inventor … and
wanna-be junior spy. With silliness and mayhem, doodles and
disasters – this book is perfect for engaging younger readers

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