Scene but not Herd

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Irwin Baker

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“Northern Ireland in the 1960s was a political, social and cultural backwater. It was against this backdrop that a Catholic family in the Lower Falls area, known as ‘The Loney’, awoke to greet a dull autumn’s day in 1966. The following is a description of this family’s lifestyle as seen through the eyes of its youngest member…”

Irwin Baker’s Scene But Not Herd, tells the story of a young boy’s recollection of growing up in a working-class family in The Falls Road, Belfast, an area renowned throughout the world for being the centre of murder, bombings, bank robberies and armed conflict, lasting from 1970 until 1995. What people aren’t aware of is the age of innocence that existed in this area prior to the 1970s. For Irwin, the lifestyle was grim; poverty only allowed people to exist and it was very difficult to realise that life could give a sense of fulfilment or achievement. Nevertheless, Irwin recalls that people were gentle, kind and respectful and he actually remembers very little crime.

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  1. Robbi McMillen

    This is a book packed with humour and a bit of a history lesson that gives you the opportunity to fully appreciate the people of Belfast. Much of the speech is in the working class Belfast tongue, which makes the book as authentic and endearing as it is interesting and proud. Delighted to have read it.

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