Tales out of School (St Columb’s College Derry in the 1050’s)


Jude Collins

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Was it the best of times or the worst of times?
In this fascinating collection of interviews, twenty-two men in their late sixties remember their teenage years in St Columb’s College, Derry.
It was a school which produced two Nobel Prize winners-John Hume and Seamus Heaney-
but what about the unseen,unsung majority? Twenty-six voices recreate in vivid detail the black and white days of the 1950s. The Teachers,the classes,and the fights, the fun and the brutality.
Each account glints with authenticity, opening the gates into that enclosed Bishop Street world now gone.
If you know some of the people interviewed by Jude Collins-Eamonn McCann,Eddie Mahon, Richie Kelly-you’ll be engrossed; if you’re meeting them for the first time you’ll be captivated. The past is another country, but with guides like these, a fresh insight, a fresh delight awaits you on every page.

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