The Mighty Woman’s Adventures Abroad


Art De Creag

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Art de Creag is a Belfast native who has written a great deal of prose and poetry in both Irish and English for many years.

His work has been published in nearly every Irish language magazine and journal and for more than a decade, he wrote articles regularly for the Irish-language newspaper La and prior to that for Preas an Phobail.

The Mighty Woman’s Adventures Abroad is Micheal O hAodha’s English translation of Eachtra na Mna Moire thar Lear, Art’s first novel in Irish, a hilariously sardonic take on Irish life and the humanity more generally. It is also a witty and darkly humorous exploration of a range of fictional types and characters who made up the Irish language movement.

As Art says himself in the introduction to the book:

“This work of high literature is a fiction from beginning to end other than those damned fools who encouraged me to write this novel in order to torment and make a mockery of all the most noble Gaels of the country. There is no incident in this book that relates to any creature, living or dead, whether man, woman or child and I was never in any of the places mentioned in this story either.”

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