Tinte Cnámh ar Lasadh


Pádraig G Ó Laighin

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Gearrscéal, suntasach eachtrúil, stairiúil, 1796 tráth na nÉireannach Aontaine & na Rapairí i gCúige Mumhan sna blianta gairid go dtí 1798. Scéal na catha i Maigh Shalach. Tiarna na Bandan & na hOráistí cruálacha; Seán Buí & a choiste martial law ag imirt cos ar bolg. Ba iomaí gort arbhair is prátaí nár baineadh an tráth úd; a mbuíochas san don iliomad spiairí, feallairí is brathadóirí a sceith ar a gcomharsana. An Tine Bheo!

A highly adventurous, historical, short story, set in 1796 at the time of the United Irish & the Highwaymen in Munster in the years up to 1798. The story of the battle at Mahallagh. Lord Bandon & the cruel Oranges; Seán Buí & his martial law committee forcing oppression. Many fields of corn and potatoes were not harvested at that time; thanks to the great quantity of spies, betrayers and informers who betrayed their neighbours.

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