Uisce faoi Thalamh (FF)


Áine Uí Fhoghlú

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Is saor-iriseoir í Ailí atá ag tabhairt turas chun na Breataine Big do shochraid a carad. Agus í ar an mbád ó Ros Láir cuirtear sceon ar na paisinéirí nuair a léimeann fear sa bhfarraige. Ach cé hé an fear seo? Agus cad is cúis leis an gníomh uafásach a dhein sé? Diaidh ar ndiaidh nochtann Ailí agus a seanchara Colm eachtraí iontais agus uafáis i scéal atá lán de chontúirtí, de theannas is d’uisce faoi thalamh.
Ailí is a freelance journalist who is travelling to Wales to attend the funeral of a friend. During the journey she and the other passengers are shocked and horrified when a man jumps overboard. But who is this man? What has driven him to this terrible act? Piece by piece, Ailí and her old friend Colm discover the twists and turns in this story that is full of danger, of tension and bad dealings.

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