Volunteer Charlie Monahan: The Easter Rising 1916


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Charlie Monahan, from Ballymacarret in East Belfast, was the first Volunteer from Ulster to die on active service in 1916.Charlie Monahan, with his knowledge of wireless and mechanics, was among four Volunteers chosen to seize the Valentia Island wireless station on Good Friday 1916.

Their responsibility was to signal ashore the German ship the Aud, with Roger Casement aboard and it’s cargo of 20,000 rifles, machine guns and ammunition to arm the Volunteers for the Easter Rising.

However, they never reached their destination. The car in which Monahan, Tom McInerney, Con Keating and Donal Sheehan were travelling overturned, killing Keating and Sheehan outright. While Monahan escaped the car, he later drowned in the River Laune. His body was recovered six months later. McInerney was the only survivor of the crash.

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