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Edward Daly (1891-1916)
Born in Limerick on 28 February 1891 he was the only boy amongst nine sisters. Daly’s family had a history of republican activity; his father had taken part in the Rising of 1867. He knew Tom Clarke through his uncle John Daly who shared a cell with the “dynamiter” – they were brought closer through Tom’s marriage to his sister Kathleen Daly. The Christian Brothers who considered him “not by any means a brilliant pupil” educated him. He tried working in Glasgow as a bakers apprentice but returned to Limerick to work as a clerk in a timber yard.

In 1912 he moved to Dublin and worked for the chemist wholesalers on Westmoreland Street, May Roberts. He was one of the first to join the Volunteers and helped to organize for the Rossa funeral in 1915. In the weeks leading up to the Rising, at Seán MacDiarmada’s request he worked full time for the Volunteers. Ned was commander of the Volunteers First Battalion who were based around the Four Courts area of Dublin during 1916. Ned Daly was taken to Kilmainham Gaol and took the dubious honour of being the youngest 1916 leader to be executed, on the 4 of May 1916.

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