Buntús Cainte (sraith iomlán / full series)

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Tomás Ó Domhnalláin

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Sraith Iomlán (1-3)
Tomás Ó Domhnalláin

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Dimensions 210 × 140 × 25 mm

Tomás Ó Domhnalláin

1 review for Buntús Cainte (sraith iomlán / full series)

  1. Robert Kelly (verified owner)

    The “Buntús Cainte” (Basic Speaking) approach is rote learning and repetition, but I am finding it very enjoyable. Each lesson builds using the words and phrases learned from the previous chapters. The CDs help to get the pronounciation right (the speakers are from Connacht) and the illustrations offer a visual prompt. The books were written by Tomás Ó Domhnalláin in the mid-1960s, but I’ve seen them recommended by a lot of Gaeilge learners. An excellent resource for beginners.

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