Dead Beside Us (The) A memoir of growing up in Derry


Tony Doherty

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Tony Doherty, author of ‘This Man’s Wee Boy’, continues his journey growing up in Derry in the midst of the ‘Troubles’. In this sequel to the hugely popular ‘This Man’s Wee Boy’, young Tony struggles to come to terms with the murder of his father, Paddy, on Bloody Sunday and the impact it has on his mother, Eileen, and his brothers and sisters. At nine years old, he knows a terrible wrong has been committed against his family but lacks the understanding or the means to do anything about it; yet. For his fractured family, life goes on, with Tony determined to preserve the memory of his father and the bond they shared, even as he becomes increasingly immersed in the violent conflict raging on Derry’s streets. As the 1970s unfold his father’s absence becomes a backdrop to the teenage Tony’s newfound friendships and relationships, an ever-present ache amidst the craic and excitement of Sunday dances, first kisses and a trip to Butlins. Then, at seventeen, Tony decides it’s time to join the fight.

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