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Digging for Dracula’ is an esoteric book that takes you far and wide through time and space on a search for literary and historical truths and the meanings of centuries-old myths.
Through its the pages you will travel deep into the Carpathian Mountains and to the mysterious island of Snagov just outside Bucharest – places closely related to the medieval warlord Vlad Tepes the Impaler upon who’s ruthless character some say the arch vampire was fashioned; to a cliff-edge in the English port of Whitby, a pivotal place in the classic novel; and to ‘Tinseltown’ to meet some of the people who brought the Dracula legend to the silver screen.
You will also meet mummies in the dry, limestone crypt of St. Michan’s Dublin where it is believed Stoker gained Gothic inspiration; the ‘Agony Aunt’ of vampire lovers in New York; voodoo artists in New Orleans; and a warm-hearted soul who drives a hearse by day and drives people into hysterics by night with his hilarious, one-man Dracula cabaret show.
Grasp your garlic and prepare to enter the Lovable House of Horror; the Land of the Living Dead; and much more.

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