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Hidden History History Below Our Feet (The Archaeological Story of Belfast)


Ruairí Ó Baoill

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As Belfast continues to re-brand and re-imagine itself for the 21st century, Ruairi O Baoill’s 2011
publication brings to life, for the very first time, the fascinating story of Belfast’s archaeology.
The visitor to Belfast today will find a newly regenerated and thriving city. The Cathedral Quarter
and the development of the Titanic Quarter are all testimony to a city that is striding determinedly
towards the future.
But below the surface of Belfast you see today there is another story, one which stretches back 9000
years to the first people who settled in the Belfast Hills. Ruairi O Baoill’s archaeological detective
work unwraps the history of a city that is richer and more complex than is immediately apparent.
This fascinating and accessible account of Belfast will bring a new perspective to the built heritage of
the city and some surprising revelations. Examples include:
The discovery of the earliest evidence of human activity found near George Best Airport;
how excavations on the site of Victoria Square unearthed a possible thirteenth or fourteenth century
waterfront; Castle Place in Belfast city centre was named after the castle that once stood there.
Hidden History Below Our Feet is beautifully illustrated by Philip Armstrong. An artist who specialises
in archaeological reconstruction, he brings each era of Belfast and its environs to life, from the
prehistoric to the more recent.
This book invites us to imagine what other archaeological treasures are waiting to be discovered; a
walk through Belfast’s streets will never be the same again as you consider the ancient life of the city.

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