House that Disappeared on Tory Island (The)


Anton Mc Cabe

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The House That Disappeared on Tory Island deals with one of the most dramatic court cases ever in Donegal, when film maker Neville Presho was awarded damages against Tory hotelier Patrick Doohan for the destruction of his house on Tory. Neville had bought his dream house on Ireland’s most remote inhabited island. When he returned after a spell abroad, the house had vanished. All that remained were a few pieces of rubble in the foreshore.When Neville approached them, the authorities failed to investigate. When he approached islanders, it is claimed they didn’t see anything. Neville lost his health, his career, his marriage and his children. In the 1970s and 1980s he had been one of Ireland’s leading film-makers. After he discovered the destruction, he was never able to work again.

Omagh-based journalist McCabe details a sad and sometimes funny account of events. Tory islanders had told him what had happened.Neville’s fight for justice ignited when he bumped into McCabe on a ferryboat. After years of frustration, solicitor, Michael Gillespie, with a passion for justice took on the case. They won, after a dramatic hearing in the Irish High Court. The judge found that Doohan, the island’s richest man, had demolished the house which blocked his hotel’s view of the
sea. The case made headlines round the world.

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