Lonesome George DD/CD


Joe Campbell-McCardle
Myles McCormick
Dermott Moynagh
Stephen Loughran

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Songwriters Joe Campbell-McArdle and McCormack lie at the heart of the project. The two old friends have learned alongside each other. Now, flute player and composer Stephen Loughran and contemporary bodhran player Dermot Moynagh have joined them.

The band’s name refers to Lonesome George who was the last of his species, a Pinta Island tortoise. This tortoise serves as a symbol of resistance.

“We imagine him to be a kindred spirit,” Lonesome George explain. “He is a proud, majestic creature, gentle yet strong, hardy and a survivor. In honour of him and all other survivors, we celebrate the symbols which represent a grassroots struggle against global capitalism and the destruction of this beautiful Earth by the forces of profit!

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Meachán 68 g
Toisí 126 × 140 × 6 mm


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