Tales of The Wicklow Hills


R Marsh

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Every part of Ireland should have its Richard Marsh, and Wicklow is particularly lucky in this regard. He shows us that the heritage of storytelling is expressed in both literary and oral forms, making the landscape and the life of the various communities more colourful in the mind, more adventurous and fulfilling. As such it is of importance to the young as well as to the old, for a Wicklow person should be more interesting and entertaining, more socially expressive, if he or she can represent to the rest of Ireland and to the world a particular sense and a special atmosphere of Wicklow. … Treise le Risteard, an té atá ag oscailt fuinneog na hoidhreachta dúinn agus ag ligint an tsolais isteach! (Power to Richard, who has opened a window on heritage for us and let the light in.)

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