Tear the Dead Day Back Alive

Pádraic Fiacc/ Michael McKernon/ Fiona Gault


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The poems in Fiacc Tear the dead day back alive are a revealing and occasionally startling, insight into the artistic and intellectual growth of a great Irish poet, who is yet to be fully accepted into Ireland’s poetic pantheon. An early poem like ‘Them’ uns’ (a classic Belfast phrase) shows why.

With Fiacc, we are challenged to confront ourselves. Another early poem (of New York) – ‘Night Riders’- shows the first inkling of his Modernist urge to stretch language to the ultimate, or even hide his true intent so that we must grasp for it. Gasp the poet’s sometime disgust at the world, also.

Tear the Day Back Alive is a journey through the life and work of Pádraic Joseph O’Connor.



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