The New Ireland A Vision for the Future


Gerry Adams

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Published on the centenary of the founding of Sinn Fein,this books marks a significant point in the development in the political life in Ireland. Gerry Adams has been a principal architect of the political growth of republicanism during the last thirty years and he is uniquely positioned to offer an authoritative vision for the political future.

Adams imagines an Ireland in which the 1916 Proclamation is seen as a historic document in the mould of the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Freedom Charter. He outlines the challenge of transforming Irish society through a vision of self-determination and sovereignty, inclusiveness and equality. He looks to the protection of tradition and culture, the defence of rural communities and the need to liberate the individual while instilling a feeling of community and protecting the environment. He sees every single person as a change manager and is strongly internationalist in his perspective. He also looks at events in 2005, and the IRA decision to formally end its armed campaign. He points the way for Irish republicanism and the struggle for Irish unity in the twenty-first century.

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