Trialacha Tuigbheála (L+2CD) Crua


A.J. Hughes

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Cur Síos


Intermediate and advanced learners

Book Details

  • questions on comprehension
  • questions on synonyms, or stating phrases another way in Irish
  • questions asking the reader to change from one tense or mood to another
  • questions asking the reader to change from singular to plural (or the reverse)
  • questions asking the reader to fill in the gap with a suitable word from the text
  • questions on parsing the verb (person, number, tense/mood etc.)
  • questions on parsing the noun (case, number, declension and gender)
  • questions on free composition

In addition to the above:

  • 2 CDs with recordings of the texts and two sections of questions (being read by Gaeltacht speakers)
  • a chapter explaining the verbal system and related terminology
  • a chapter explaining the case system and related terminology
  • a 52-page Irish-English dictionary at the rear of the book

Additional information

Meachán520 g
Dimensions218 × 157 × 15 mm


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