Where are You really From?


Tim Brannigan

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Tim Brannigan was given away at birth, then adopted by his own mother. Tim grew up as a black child in a white republican family on the Falls Road at the height of the Troubles.

Where Are You Really From? is author and journalist Tim Brannigan’s extraordinary story of growing up black in Belfast and as part of a republican family living at the centre of a vicious and prolonged bloody conflict. It’s a story of racial prejudice, sectarian tensions and family secrets. It describes in vivid detail Tim’s childhood during the turbulent 1970s and 80s, his seven-year stint as a republican prisoner in Crumlin Road Jail and the H-blocks, his coming to terms with his mother’s revelation of the true circumstances surrounding his birth, and his desperate attempts to trace the father who abandoned him. Where Are You Really From? is a fascinating and powerful memoir about one man’s struggle to establish his own identity and a moving tribute to the woman who risked everything to keep her son.

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