Asterix agus Draoi na Bliana

René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo


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Déanann Asterix agus Obelix an draoi Ogamaix a thionlacan go dtí comhdháil bhliantúil na ndraoithe i bForaois na gCarnútach. Buann Ogamaix an gradam Draoi na Bliana lena íocshláinte cháiliúil. Is mian le scata Gotach an íocshláinte a ghoid agus chuige sin déantar Ogamaix a fhuadach. Téann Asterix agus Obelix sa tóir orthu. Níl Ogamaix chun oideas na híocshláinte a thabhairt dóibh gan troid agus is iomaí cleas atá ag Draoi na Bliana!
Asterix and Obelix head with Ogamaix to the annual druids’ conference in the Forest of the Carnutes, where the magic potion earns Ogamaix the title of Druid of the Year. His success means a bunch of invading Goths want to get their hands on the magic potion. They kidnap Ogamaix and take him back across the border to steal his recipe. Asterix and Obelix are in hot pursuit, but Ogamaix won’t reveal his secret very easily. As he confuses the Goths and frustrates their plans, the Druid of the Year uses his cunning to sow unprecedented turmoil and unexpected havoc!



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