Citizen Soldier From Sevastopol Street to Soloheadbeg

Daniel Jack


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On a Cold December day in 1961 at glasnevin cemetery, full military honours were rendered at the funeral of IRA leader Commandant General Séumas Robinson. Amongst the very large attendance was the then Taoiseach Éamonn De Valera, the Taoiseach Sean Lemass, members of the Irish Government and both houses of the Oireachtas. Oscar Trynor, onetime officer commanding the Dublin Brigade of the IRA and a former Minister for justice, said in a graveside oration that no writer of Irish history of Ireland’s latest fight for freedom could ignore the deeds for which Séumus Robinson was responsible or the valour with which they were carried out. ”It can be truly said that no member of the Irish Republican Army, whether Officer or Volunteer, could have exceeded the service given by him.  He not only planned the actions which took place under his command but he insisted on personally seeing them carried out.” A marginalised and forgotten figure, Robinson’s contribution to the events spanning the period of the Irish Revolution and his journey from working class origins in industrial Belfast and Glasgow to his participation in the Easter Rising and his subsequent involvement in the Campaign for Independence from 1919 through to the Civil War is examined in this book for the first time.



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