Féilire Focal 2024: Tír & Timpeallacht

Manchán Magan, Antic-Ham


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This 2024 calendar is a collaborative project with artist Antic-Ham of Redfox Press and writer/presenter Manchán Magan. The layout and design is by Eamonn O’Sullivan of Anchor Studio in Kenmare.

Féilire Focal- Tír and Timpeallacht (Calendar of words-land and environment) contains 12 stunning illustrations taking inspiration from 12 Irish words collected by Manchán from language keepers on the West coast of Ireland.

With a focus on the sky, sea and earth, lyrical words such as Caibleadh (Kab-loo) (In the Mayo Gaeltacht on the Mullet Peninsula this referred to spirit voices heard in the distance at sea on calm nights) and Coscairt (KUSS-kert) (Hailstones and rain falling together- at least, this was the meaning on the now abandoned islands of Inis Bó Finne, Co.Donegal and in neighbouring areas) pepper this calendar with translations by Manchán in his unmistakable, engaging style of writing. To get an insight into what the inside pages look like, have a look at our Instagram post here.

Printed in Dublin, this calendar follows the format of previous years, with twelve perforated images, to frame and enjoy long after the year has passed. The layout and design is inspired by the humble ring-bound copybook, giving a nostalgic, familiar feel to this calendar.



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